Available Opportunities 

Please take a look at the following teams and complete the lower portion to help POA bring Messiah back. Select the team in which you are interested. 

As a side note - if you are member of any of the teams that normally serve each Sunday and Wednesday and for our special events such as Ushers, Hostesses, Security, Ticket Takers, and Parking, we ask that you remember your team leaders may be calling on you to serve in those areas as well.

Messiah Behind the Scenes & Crew Teams

  • Backstage Assistants help with backstage safety, hall lighting, cast-crowd control, cast traffic flow, and making sure the production goes off without a hitch and that safety is prioritized in the back, dark hallways.
    Male and female help is welcome of all ages.

  • The props team is responsible for keeping the props area organized and restocked. They also coordinate the props going in and out of the area at the right time, with the right cast members. And at the end of the night, clean the area, reorganize, reset and prep for the next performance.
    Male and female help is welcome of all ages. There are safe and low-key environments for organized help to keep the visuals of "Messiah".

  • Be a part of making the face and personality of every cast member come alive as a part of the makeup crew. If you've ever helped with the makeup team before, or if this is your first interest, you'll enjoy the creative outlet and the exciting buzz in the air as the cast pour in to "get there face on" and go out to tell the story of Jesus the Messiah.

  • Smoke/CO2/EAD Team/Electronic Automation Design
    The special effects team (SFX Team) brings those "wow" moments into the production and brings all of the bells and whistles to the penned pages. Some of the effects used will be, and not limited to, smoke or the use of CO2 to create low flowing fog, slow motion scenes, possible use of wind and it's effects, special props such as torches, lamps, and more.
    If you have an interest in the creation of these effects, work in EAD or are curious about any of these, this is your group.

  • We can all agree that families can more easily participate if there is help with the kiddos. Please consider serving during rehearsal time with this "ministry". Because this one is a ministry for sure.
    We will need assistance for qualified and "background-check" clear members to help during rehearsal times. As we bulid a team, please volunteer to help serve a night here and there. Grab a friend or family member to help and sign up for an area that helps during the prep time so we can be ready when it's "Messiah Time".

  • Sewing Team/Styling Team/Backstage Coordinator
    This team plays one of the biggest roles in the drama. What is a good production without amazing costumes?
    If you know how to sew, we need you! We need you starting now! If you are a stylist, we need you when rehearsals start! We style cast members on top of their basic robe.
    And then we have certain cast members that have several costume changes. These cast members need a coordinator to help them keep their costumes organized, ready to change and put away. Then reset for the next performance.

  • Are you an artist? Even though we have lead artists assigned, when it comes to finishing details or even base coating, we don't mind an extra hand. Let us know if you have a gift with artistry and we can sign you up for those "big hit" art nights.

  • The medical team is a vital part of our production going smoothly. If you're a certified paramedic, nurse or doctor, we would love you on the tea,. Unfortunately, accidents happen and we depend on our professional medical team to help in the time of need.

A bit more info....

Please let us know any extra information you would like us to know about your interest above. If you are interested in more than one team, that team can be listed here.

Complete your personal information.

Your cell number will mainly be used for communication via texting. Please do not submit a land line number. We need the name of your cell carrier in order to use our mass texting application.

Age Requirements: Most teams require ages within the upper level REFUGE age range (High School age and up). 

Drama History - Please check all that apply. 

I have been involved in the following POA Productions - 

Physical & Emotional Health Requirements

Please understand that certain teams require the participant to be able to meet the physical and emotional needs of the team. Your interest in a specific team is your indication that you are both physically and mentally able to meet those demands. 

Your Photograph

Please upload a photo of yourself. No application will be considered without a photo. Make sure your photo meets the following requirements: close up, from the chest up, solid background preferred.

Scroll back through the form to make sure you have completed everything. If you have, congratulations! Hit the "submit" button and we look forward to seeing you on a team. 

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